About Storyo

After scrolling through and being tired of the same “success” stories online, Steven and Elina wanted to share journeys of their amazing friends.

We wanted to celebrate people who are social workers, local artists & local politicians, sex workers and teachers. We also wanted to celebrate gender diversity!

These narratives are shared so rarely in the media, making us feel like unless we fit into a very narrow measure of success, we are not good enough.

We did our first interviews for Storyo in June 2019 and got hooked on it ever since.

Our goal and mission are to show you the vulnerable and honest sides of everyone’s journeys. To show you that we are all here on the same page - raw, unsure, inspired, fighting and figuring stuff out together!

We would love to contribute to a culture shift that improves societal attitudes, policies, behaviours, narratives of success and values of representations.

The Team

We are a humble Auckland-based team sharing stories and learning so much in the process.

The chatty one
The cute one
The marketing one
The colourful one
The creative one
The inquisitive one
The social media one


We are looking for volunteers to join our team to help contribute to a cultural shift (#thinkbig right?) 

We would love:

🎉 Help of  storytellers. If you are keen to help with written and video interviews, have a journalism background, have a passion for writing or video-editing, we would love to hear from you! 

🎉 Help with our social media. If you are a creative who works with illustrations, social media marketing or management, design, video animations, we would love your help! We are looking for folks who can create and manage social media posting on a regular basis (even if it's 1-2 hours a week).

🎉 Help spreading the word. The simplest and most effective thing you can do is sharing us with your world.

🎉 Introductions to amazing women (including trans women), non-binary, or other marginalised genders.

If you are interested in joining the team, fill in the form on the contact page and we will get back to ya.


Are you a guy sitting there thinking, hmm, can I be involved?

Yes! All of the above applies to you too!

We’re trying to build a positive, inclusive, uplifting community.

Are you a guy sitting there thinking that none of this applies to you because like yourself, not all men are bad, read this.

Don’t worry, I thought the same thing.


A funny comic about a superhero called 'not all men' man.

It’s not our job to do the above.

It’s our job to be the tank.

You ready?


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