Our Story

After scrolling through and being tired of the same “success” stories online, Steven and Elina wanted to share the journeys of their amazing friends. We wanted to celebrate people who are social workers, local artists and local politicians, sex workers and teachers.

We also wanted to celebrate gender diversity! These narratives are shared so rarely in the media, making us feel like unless we fit into a very narrow measure of success, we are not good enough.

We did our first interview for Storyo in June 2019 and got hooked on it ever since.
A women using her hands to gesture to the right.

Our Mission

Our mission is to show you the vulnerable and honest sides of everyone’s journey. To show you that we are all here on the same page - raw, unsure, inspired, fighting and figuring stuff out together!

On top of that, statistics around the gender and ethnic pay gap, hiring practices, violence in communities point to deep structural issues. Storyo’s mission is to contribute to a culture shift that improves societal attitudes, behaviours, narratives of success and values of representations.

Going from the bottom up of the iceberg, we are changing people’s hearts and minds with your stories to affect the systems at the top

The Team

Elina Ashimbayeva
Co-creator & chief vision
Steven Male
Marketing & web whizz
Thashnee Pillay
Interviewer & writer
Jenny Sahng
Creative illustrator
Ujwala Joshi
Interviewer & writer
Vania Chandrawidjaja
Motion Designer
Ellen Sinclair
Social media manager
Anjana Iyer
Interviewer & writer
You? Join us!

What We're Up To Now

Last update: 29 April 2022

It's been a bit quite on the website but not behind the scenes. W've been working on our #PassTheMic podcast series featuring 15 people from ethnic communities in Auckland sharing their stories. Aaaand we will also have a video series accompanying it too! Storyo collab'ed with Belong Aotearoa, Sport Waitakere and Planet FM on this one!  Plus keep your eyes out for our next event in June where we will watch our newest series for Autism Awareness, created with Kiran Patel and X-abilities. Peace and love to ya'll! 
Event venue full of people with their hands up, smiling and waving at the camera - at the launch of our 30 in tech series