Celebrating stories of women and gender diverse folks in New Zealand

Over the last two years, we’ve interviewed 100+ peeps with the kaupapa to share deep and vulnerable, profound and very much normal journeys of the people around us.

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You're about to be reminded about how freaking wonderful & bad-ass women & gender minorities are - enjoy!
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What We're Up To Now

28th of July, 2021 @ 6.30 PM

Our April get-together went so wonderfully well, that we decided to host another event (woo-hoo!) We will have 5 amazing peeps give short talks on what they are passionate about and showcase one of the videos from our tech series!
30 Women & Gender Diverse Folks in Tech
We've recently filmed 30 interviews talking about people's journeys in tech 🤩 Part 1 is out! Follow us on socials to get an update when Parts 2 and 3 will be.
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