16 Christmas gifts by women and non-binary in 2020

December 28, 2021

Christmas or no Christmas - we are here to support local businesses and creatives represented by women and non-binary babes in Aotearoa! And because the holiday season is upon us, what better excuse to purchase yourself or your loved ones something made with love. Over the last year and half, we’ve met and interviewed some of the most wonderful people and wanted to share a list of things created by them that you can spend your dollars on. We’ve also included a few of the products not mentioned on Storyo previously (but maybe one day?). There were too many things to include but here are our top picks! 

  1. Body Is not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor - Get it here

Sonya is a founder of The Body is Not An Apology platform that promotes radical self-love through body empowerment. She is an American poet, author, speaker, and just a bad-ass wahine who now resides in Aotearoa. I bought an audio version of her book and listened to it on my bus trips to work. It’s no coincidence that she is at the top of the list here, the book will make you question things and inspire you like no other! Makes up for a perfect gift for yourself, your friends or your mamas. 

Read her Storyo interview here 

  1. Ethiopian Mamia’s Sauce by Yeshi - Order it here 

Yeshi combines New Zealand and imported produce with spices sourced directly from Ethiopia to capture the true taste of Ethiopian home cooking. The sauce is sold out at every market and tasting opportunity. Makes up for an incredibly yummy vegan curry recipe, pizza base or just a snack you can scoop out of the jar. Passed all our home taste-tests!

Watch Yeshi's Storyo interview here

  1. Ahikā Candles by Rangatahi - Get ‘em here

Acacia and Torah Paoo are Auckland based rangatahi who are upcycling used glass bottles to make & sell candles. The work they are doing lay such important foundations for other young people to learn about business, environment and being independent. If you were looking for some locally sourced environmentally friendly gifts - you are in the right place!

Read their interview here

1. Sonya naked covered in purple flowers lying on a flower bed as a cover of her book; 2. A jar of Mamia's sauce on the orange background surrounded by garlic, onion, peppers and tomatoes; 3. Candle being held by a hand in front of the Christmas tree
1. The cover of Sonya's book - The Body Is Not An Apology, 2. Mamia's sauce, 3. Ahikā candles

  1. Crochet Māori Art - awe here 

We are probably too late with this wonderful suggestion for the Christmas season but if you want to fill a home with the most joyful creation, Lissy’s Māori crochet art is just what you need. Together with her partner Rudi, this powerful wahine creates art like no other! 

Read Lissy's interview here

  1. Not That I’d Kiss A Girl by Lil O’Brien Purchase here or in the stores near ya 

Lil O’Brien’s authentic and relatable book of her coming out story is funny, raw and heartbreaking. We go on a deep dive of lesbian and queer culture and get a look into all the good and bad sides of owning your identity and being your authentic queer self in a heteronormative world; and what that can sometimes cost you. This is Lil’s first book and it made us laugh and cry. It’s beautiful! A must read. 

Read Lil's interview here 

  1. Private circus lesson at The Dust Palace or Limitless Studio

Been wanting to try something new in 2021 after spending way too many months on the couch at home? Get yourself or your friend a private aerial circus lesson with one of these amazing creatures (Christa, Jess, Tash, Ellyce) - just follow them on social and send a message! Circus is the most wonderful and inclusive space, and what better way to support local artists than getting a lesson or two (or 12) to hang upside down? 

Watch their interview here 

4. Lissy wearing a checked dress pointing to 3 crochet neon wheku on K'Rd, 5. Lil's book "Not That I'd Kiss A Girl" held in front of the bookshelf, 5. Christa wearing a white bodysuit making a shape in a lyra in a purple light
4. Lissy's wheku, 5. Not That I'd Kiss A Girl by Lil O'Brien, 6. Christa on a lyra

  1. Hine sportswear - order here  

Have a gym junkie friend or someone who likes that activewear lifestyle? Hine is the Māori brand started by a kick-ass wahine from Hamilton. Hine caters for a range of sizes from XS to 6XL - pants that are just as comfy on the couch as they are doing those circus classes from above (personally vouch for both of these activities). 

Read Miria's interview here 

  1. Sloth illustration calendar - get excited about it here

Rose Northey is no sloth; she’s an ex-engineer now full time illustrator and poet. Northey’s art is bursting with playfulness, joy and all the serotonin you need to get you through to 2021. I think we can all relate to feeling like a sloth trying to adult after the year 2020 has been. I know I’m buying one for myself. 

Read Rose's interview here 

  1. The Girl From Revolution Road - quick, order one here or get in the store near you

Ghazaleh is an Iranian-New Zealander filmmaker and a first time author. This book is a  collection of personal essays about her childhood in war-torn Iran, experience as an immigrant in Aotearoa, ponderings about belonging and dating in the days of Covid-19. It’s humorous and sombre; it will fill your heart many times over. As an immigrant wanting to assimilate so badly, only to realise the importance of my roots, I cried and laughed and got many belly jollies. A perfect gift for… well, pretty much anyone!

Read Ghaz's interview here 

7. Two models wearing Hine activewear top and shorts - one in orange and one in plum, 8. Sloth calendar open on month of April, portrayed is a sloth giving a plant present to another sloth, 9. Elina (co-creator of Storyo) wearing a
7. Two wahine in Hine activewear, 8. Rose's Sloth Calendar, 9. Elina (creator of Storyo) holding up Ghaz's book

  1. Human Interface Jewellery - marvel at it here 

Human Interface Jewellery is a gem of a company in the New Zealand tech landscape. It combines user experience design and 3D printing to produce wonderful jewellery as a way of self-expression for people in tech space. Perfect gift to spoil a very geeky loved one this season! 

Read the interview here 

  1. AWWA Label Period Underwear - all the rage here 

My Instagram feed got absolutely filled up with this wonderful local brand of period underwear. AWWA is derived from the Māori word 'awa' meaning river or flow. Their panties look and feel just like your normal underwear, but can hold and absorb up to five regular pads or tampons worth of blood. Want to surprise your womb-owning friends or whanau with a gift that has been all the rage (and environmentally friendly)? I betcha you do! 

  1. Support sex-workers by purchasing some juicy local OnlyFans by Cush

Want to get someone an exciting gift, that I betcha, no one else would think about - support our local sex workers by purchasing their wonderful Only Fans content for yourself or your naughty friends! Cush is a twerk queen who has very wholesome and open social media content about body positivity, sex and spirituality. And of course a very juicy OnlyFans account - get it while it’s hot! (it’s always hot)

10. Different bracelets and necklaces with pendants that look like cursors and map signs and other computer icons, 11. beautiful bald model smiling with her back to the camera in black underwear and top, 12. Cush sitting on her bed naked covered by a white sheet with eyes closed and sun on her skin
10. Human Interface Jewellery, 11. model wearing AWWA undies, 12. Cush being her gorgeous self

  1. Photography session with this non-binary babe - admire their work here

Another gift that keeps on giving is supporting local artists while feeling into your sensual beautiful self in front of the camera. Know someone who might need a session of self-care and self-admiration this holiday season? Check out Tashy’s photography and book a shoot with them! 

  1. Pleasure Resolution Book by Michelle Kasey - oh gosh, it’s here! 

This is another one of those unique presents for your wonderful self or a loved one! Michelle is a sexuality coach for couples and singles and everyone in and out of those norms. Follow this queen on Instagram to get a taster of her amazing work by purchasing her pleasure book. Or if you are ready for a big change in 2021, make a leap to some self-love, exploring your sensual and sexual self through Michelle’s 12-week programme (hurry up, it fills up fast)! 

  1. Māori Jewellery by Fluff - hurry and order yourself a pair here!  

Recently discovered local creator of magical accessories - want Te Reo earrings or a custom made piece? Check out this store and get in quick to order a gift for someone to rock this Christmas! 

  1. Colourful Artworks by Sani Does - check it out right heeeere

Self-proclaimed art thot Sani is a non-binary artist of many forms; you name it, they do it! Everything from art prints and sculptures to one-off custom painted shoes and original advent calendars. Anything you could ever dream of and more. They also have a cheeky Patreon if you want to see “behind the scenes”! 

13. Tashy in a white top and black undies taking their pictures in the mirror with a camera next to their face, 14. Cover of the pleasure resolutions "a sexually liberated workbook" by Michelle Kasey with flower touched by a hand with red-painted nails, 15. Green earrings with words that say Kia Ora on the green background, 16. White T-shirt saying Do Good Recklessly
13. Tashy with their camera, 14. Pleasure Resolutions workbook by Michelle, 15. Kia Ora earrings by Fluff, 16. Colourful T-Shirt by Sani Does

Meri Kirihimete angels! Let us know if you found anything you fancy on the list ❤️