Looking to dive deeper into the world of diversity, equity, inclusion and storytelling within your organisation? 🎉

We believe that storytelling and representation are critical to equitable workplaces. And diverse and inclusive teams are more innovative and profitable. We all benefit from more equitable workplaces — and each of us has the power to create change.

Our co-founder, Elina builds on the 180+ stories we've shared here on Storyo, her product & experience design knowledge in the tech and government worlds to deliver talks and workshops to forward-thinking organisations, and to challenge underlying worldviews and structures when it comes to DEI.

We've worked with a range of audiences, from startups to schools and big corporates, and are able to deliver our talks and workshops remotely.
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What we offer

DEI & Storytelling Talks

1-hour talk

This is a one-hour introductory talk centred around the importance of storytelling & building on your worldviews and values. Here we cover how DEI affects your products and services beyond just your team culture, and some of the worldviews shifts that we need to implement and understand DEI work better.

In this session, we will also watch one of the videos from '30 in Tech' series together and have a short discussion around lessons learned.

Ally Skills Workshops

Options from 1 hour to half a day

Elina works as an Ally Skills NZ facilitator, an organisation that offers a range of workshops to develop your own allyship skills as you practise identifying and responding to marginalisation. We teach how you can be an ally for targets of marginalisation including women, people of colour, LGBTQIA+ folks, caregivers, people with disabilities, those with experience of mental illness, people of different ages and body sizes, and others. Our most popular workshop is half a day - see more for details here.
What people say
Mike, CEO of Brightly
"As a founder, it was so inspiring to hear the different stories shared and was a great reminder of the importance of creating safe and inclusive workplaces. Elina communicates in a positive way that nonetheless challenges our underlying bias and stereotypes. There were so many important ideas from the stories that were shared! Highly recommend taking up the opportunity if your company has the chance to work with Elina and Storyo."
Mike, Brightly
"The Blackbird team works with tech founders and their teams every day. Getting together to watch the 30 in Tech stories - told so beautifully - pushed us all to stop and reflect on the many challenges we still face in creating a diverse startup ecosystem. It was inspiring to hear the honest stories of people featured, and a reminder that there's a lot more we must do to create an inclusive industry. Ka mau te wehi Storyo!"

Phoebe, Blackbird VC
Phoebe from BlackBird
"I knew this event was special from the amount of sheer feedback and interest from our company.  Not only did over 160 people turn up to our event, but our audience was as diverse as Storyo itself.

Some literally stood up and clapped halfway through the virtual session. Some snapped their fingers in agreement. Some finally saw their stories told. And some wish they had seen this session sooner, to see women live their lives bravely and different from societal stereotypes.

Elina is deeply human – she will call stuff out, she will make you laugh and she will bring out beautiful and relatable examples. She will show what it means when we’re all in it together, peddling the same waka. Kia ora Elina!
Pok, EY
"The point that has really stayed with me is how important it is to slow down, and not just immediately want to move to execution mode. Elina's enthusiasm and optimism for this topic also were incredibly infectious. It is so easy to feel terrified in this area, that somehow you will offend someone or do something wrong. Elina created an atmosphere and environment where you could come as you are, at the level of understanding that you are at, and take something away from it."
Workshop Participant
Stock image of a women smiling