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Sex 🍆 & Health Series 💦

Are you ready to dive into candid conversations that break taboos and celebrate the human experience?

In order for us to create safer spaces for our younger generation, we all need to learn how to have better and more open conversations with ourselves, our friends, family, partners, society in general.  

Earlier this year, we interviewed 25 folks from Aotearoa about:

🩸 Periods 🌈 Sexual Health  🥚Reproductive Health 😌 Pleasure

So please... Enjoy!

Periods 🩸
Sexual Health ✨
Reproductive Health 🥚
Pleasure Part 1 😌
Pleasure Part 1 😏
New Series: Sex & Health Stories
New Series: Sex & Health Stories
New Series: Sex & Health Stories
New Series: Sex & Health Stories
New Series: Sex & Health Stories

Our Collaborators

We're proud to have collaborated with passionate individuals and organisations who share our vision of open dialogue. Their expertise and support have been absolutely yummy in bringing this series to life!


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