Fight against disability discrimination in New Zealand

Juliana Carvalho

February 21, 2020

Funny, open, honest and vulnerable - Juliana shares her story about coming to New Zealand from Brazil and fighting NZ immigration to have more inclusive policies.  

Please support Juliana and all people with disabilities by signing this petition:  

Check out her website over at  

We struggled to shorten her interview because it was all so freaking great, so here is a breakdown:

0:12 - Tell us about your current situation with immigration?

2:45 - What’s the whole process been like?

5:43 - Fighting the big fight

7:55 - The Story

10:57 - What did you do when you first arrived to New Zealand?

11:57 - Why did you leave Brazil?

17:20 - What are the differences in disability representation in New Zealand & Brazil?

19:47 - What are some of the things people aren’t aware of in regards to accessibility?

21:00 - What was the rehab process like?

26:55 - What’s next for you?

29:38 - What would you do if you got residency tomorrow?  

30:50 - What can people watching do to support you and this cause?

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