Storyo's Impact 2021 ✨

December 30, 2021

OK folks, 2021 has been the biggest year so far at Storyo! Among the chaos of everyday life, pandemic, work, and family, our Storyo team has gotten up to a lot… Lots of new stories, interviews, videos, D&I sessions, events, giveaways 🌱

We thought it would be fun to include some insights from the year, to reflect and rejoice:

The Stories

This year, we interviewed 85 people! This included series with:

This brings us to a total of 149 interviews on Storyo! Well, that’s mind-boggling… 

The Team

In 2021, we welcomed 4 new volunteers, bringing our current team to the following eight people:

  • 👩‍🎨Jenny - data scientist and a climate activist by day and all-things-Storyo-creative by night 
  • 🗣Thashnee - service designer and the most thoughtful interviewer 
  • 📩Ellen - our social media manager who recently got into digital media management as a full-time job
  • 📹Vania - making the coolest video animations for big guns like The Spinoff and TVNZ, as well as Storyo
  • 🐶Ujwala - newly appointed baby pup owner and our own amazing interviewer
  • 🌱Josiah - sourdough enthusiast and a new helper at Storyo
  • 🗻Steven - our marketing & SEO brain and my rock in all things Storyo strategy

And me… Elina - I do things too 😅

Elina taking a photo of Storyo team in the cafe's mirror reflection. From left to right: Thashnee, Vania, Ellen, Elina, Steven, Jenny & Josiah.

The Reach

2021 has seen our first event ever and then 3 more, attended by 240+ people. We ate delicious food, watched interviews together, listened to comedy and live music. We heard from the most wonderful speakers and browsed through a gallery of beautiful stories. Digitally we reached: 

I’ve also had the pleasure to speak about Storyo on so many awesome platforms: MUV talks, She#, Third Wheel Podcast, A Matter of Colour, MoveSpace, Craccum, HerStoryCircle, HK podcast, Blackbird VC Summit.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion sessions

I’ve done 16 sessions this year with over 600 people, talking about the importance of storytelling and challenging people’s underlying worldviews to build better systems and practices for thriving workplaces. Aaaaand we are ready to scale this further in the new year… woop woop! 

Logos of the companies we did D&I sessions with. Top row: Xero, Blackbird, EY, Brightly, Colab, Vend. Next row: Startmate, Harmoney, Parkable. Bottom row: Souther Cross Health Insurance, Melodics.



We’ve had the biggest pleasure to be supported by these organisations:

What a year whānau… what a year! We didn’t have a specific goal to reach or a niche to cover this year. We just wanted to spread the stories, to challenge how we as a society view success, and to celebrate and work towards better representation and equity (I guess that’s sort of specific?). Thank you so much for being on this winding journey with us. Every comment and message about how a story made you feel is forever ingrained in our hearts. I screenshot and tear up whenever I see someone affected by anything that the Storyo team is creating. We hope we can continue to bring even more wonder and finger-snapping-moments into your lives in 2022! 

Have the most wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays!