Childhood aspirations, neurodiversity, plants and more!

Sarv Taherian

February 22, 2020

Our first video interview on Storyo and it is with wonderful friend, Sarv Taherian! ✨  

Sarvnaz is one of the kindest and most inspiring human beings I have had the privilege to meet. She has graduated with a Doctorate in Psychology 🎓 and co-founded Thought-Wired, social enterprise that builds communication technology for people with severe disabilities. Sarv is an incredibly humble person whose story we would love to share with you, now via video!  

Here she talks about her childhood aspirations, plants 🌱, Thought-Wired - social enterprise co-founded by Sarv and two others, as well as her personal challenges, relationship with imposter syndrome and all that human jazz!  

Read her other interview here:

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